January 28, 2013

Antwerp vibes...(or a tribute to my hometown) : The vibes of an evening at UMAMI

 I love Antwerp !!!
 I live in Tel Aviv since 1/3 of my life, but Antwerp is a big part of me. As soon as I left Belgium, I understood how this town and country runs into my veins. The culture, the rhythm, the buildings, the styling and fashion, the way of living, the trees...the rain and the clouds...and let's just not start about the  food... So tonight I take you out for a Antwerp dinner at "Umami". The food is Japanese, Asian style, light and delicious. And if you go for dinner there, please do not pass on the warm drinks after for the delicious sweets that comes with it. The texture of the snoep is just wwwwwaww !!! Here's the atmosphere of Umami